Monday, October 24, 2011


I hadn't realized just how much has been going on these past few days. I don't even know where I should begin. Ok, well, maybe I do. On Thursday I didn't have to go into work at the pharmacy so I knew I could have some down time and prepare a little for the weekend at Rose Hill. Well, around 10PM on Wednesday evening I got a call from my boss at the pharmacy saying that he needs me to fill in for him at this Senior Support Group at Greystone Baptist Church on Thursday. I told him I would definitely do that especially since I will be getting paid and I will be seeing so many familiar faces that I have not seen in so many years. Greystone Baptist Church is where I was raised. I practically grew up at that church from the day I was born. My dad and my Granddaddy were a huge part of that church and were very close friends with the senior pastor at the time. Dr. Malbert Smith was the pastor of Greystone for many years up until I was about 8 or 9 years old when he retired. He is the one responsible for me coming to know Christ at age 7 and he also baptized me in February of 1997. I was so happy to see him again after so many years.
 It was such a blessing to hear his words of wisdom again.
 He gave me plenty of advice about my new position at Rose Hill as the new Leader of Worship and Music. I am blessed to know such a wonderful man of God.
Thank you, Dr. Smith - for all the incredible things you have done to serve the Lord at Greystone. May you continue to be blessed as you serve Him each and every day.


On Friday I worked at the pharmacy from 3:30PM til closing. I must ask this: WHY MUST IT GET SO CHAOTIC WHEN I ARRIVE!? I know I have asked that question before but...good grief! Anyways, after getting home from working such a crazy shift I hit the sack! I was wiped out! Saturday morning I wake up to the sound of a vacuum cleaner and moving furniture. Why am I not surprised? My mom is a "real mean cleaning machine." Her weekends pretty much consist of cleaning the ENTIRE house. I'm thinking to myself, "Mom, you just cleaned the house like four days ago." She doesn't care...besides, Rollie and Leo have been itching a lot and mom found 2 or 3 fleas on BOTH of them. Yay.....that's exactly what we need in our house: a flea infestation. I had to pack my things to head over to Rose Hill for the weekend while mom shampooed the carpet in both living rooms (told you she was a cleaning machine). While on the way to Rose Hill I got myself a little pick-me-up at Starbucks ;) so what else is new? Hehehehehe. I arrived at my host home around 5:30PM just in time for me to unpack as they were about to head out to a dinner party. A couple of friends of theirs threw a dinner party that evening and they were planning to attend - and I got to watch the house and their little baby, of course. Hehe, my new friend - Tanner :) 
 SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!
We still don't know why his tongue hangs out like that...still absolutely adorable, though.


Sunday was simply AWESOME! We had a great time of worship and fellowship. After the service, the Price family (my host family) and the Pastor and his wife, and myself went out to eat at a nice Mexican restaurant. The Price's daughters came to visit as well. They were real sweet. After we all ate I decided to do some exploring. I took my camera out and went around the front yard and took dozens of pictures. Some of which were simply AMAZING!!! Check these out!
This is the house of a very nice elderly woman living next door to the Price's. Her name is Mrs. Anna Rae Murray. She told me when I first came to Rose Hill she would not mind me staying and visiting with her. In a house like that, you better believe I said YES! LOL!
Bumble bee gettin' some food
Check out this HUGE garden spider. Not only was I freaked out (cuz I HATE spiders) but I was also amazed at how close I got with my lens.
 Here's Tabatha - the Price family's pet cat just rollin' in the grass and enjoying life
 Look at that pose!
 She looks like a lioness on the hunt


Here are more awesome pics of that garden spider - this time with a meal
 I thought it was so neat how I caught it spinning away
 Feeding time!
Look at all that silk! I think that is just so cool!


For all you gardening fans out there, these are for you

And one more critter pic for your viewing pleasure
 I think it's a gecko :) look at him showing off his pink neck-thingy or whatever you call it LOL!

Well, that's been the story of my life for these past few days. I ended my evening last night with some wonderful hot tea. Mrs. Price is a tea lover :) I had some Earl Grey tea with honey before I went to bed. Tonight we will be having Praise Team Practice at church. YAY, my first practice with the team. Praying this will go real smoothly.


  1. Your pictures are amazing! Tabitha is so pretty & that one of you & Tanner with your tongues sticking out.........too cute!

  2. Tabatha is the sweetest cat! She kept following me and wanted lots of attention. Tanner is just a spoiled rotten little thing. He is just too cute! Sometimes he tries to act like "Mr. Tuff-Stuff" when new people walk into the house.