Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Another Crazy Day

What is it with me and crazy days at the pharmacy? It's like every time I walk in ready to work everything just turns into chaos! Is it ME!? LOL! I was at a different sotre today so I could get some extra hours. The Pharmacy Manager wasn't available like she said she was supposed to be because she had an emergency call from the hospital. So, a different pharmacist was subbing in her place today. She was real sweet and knew her stuff, but it was just such an absolutely crazy day because people kept coming in one after the other wanting a flu shot. Not to mention this one guy was so dang rude to the pharmacist and the techs that it was difficult to keep a cool head when dealing him. This pharmacy also has a drive-thru so I had an interesting time trying to learn how that thing worked. I walked into this place at the wrong time LOL! I'm just glad I got the extra hours as well as the learning experience. I also met someone who came to get their medication who was from Lynchburg. I told her I went to Liberty and she was delighted. She told me she personally knew Dr. Falwell and his family. I thought it was so neat to meet someone from the 'burg who wasn't a student. She said she hopes to run into me again sometime. So sweet :)

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  1. How cool is that.....meeting someone from Lburg! Wish you could come go to Scare Mare with us tomorrow night. Think Damian is going with us too. Should be fun!